Anyone remember?

Does anyone remember this? Maybe not you guys, it was really popular in the Dizzywood blogs and such. Way before I even played Fantage.

I remember everyone was obsessed with this site and frosty had a contest of these. Olimar and xxcastawayxx won:D

I made the one above  like two years ago so…

Oh my gosh! I’m looking at it and I’m like, ‘was i really like that?’ ‘ I wrote so different!’ ‘Wow I suck’ ‘That’s a pretty adorable turtle’ ‘Wow I’m lame’ ‘Was I really like that??’

Link to make your own:    :]





5 thoughts on “Anyone remember?

  1. I remember this.. and that contest xD
    RIP Frosty >.<

    bliss~It’s not like she died… RIP frosty’s blog.

  2. I HAVE TO MANY SONGS STUCK IN MY HEAD HERE ILL LIST SOME HOT AIR BALLOON distubia super massive black hole vinella twilight rain bow vains n stuff

    bliss~Too* Disturbia* Vanilla* Veins* lol in your previous comment you were saying how people misspell words:P

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