You’ll never guess…

I got retweeted/replied to by Lucas![Cruikshank, creator of Fred]

So I was just on twitter then I saw that ‘Mac & Cheese’ was trending so I’m like, ‘Hey I saw that on Lucas’ twitter bio’ so I just tweeted him, you know, like you do to celebrities making witty jokes and such knowing they’ll probably never read it. Only for the fun of it, well low and behold he actually read it and replied to my tweet!:)

Lol well that just about made my day:D


P.s. Yes, I did change my Twitter username a few nights ago. I used to be @fudgyswirl but wanted a more creative username.



4 thoughts on “You’ll never guess…

  1. Lol Luckayyy! I’ve Tried to get Miranda Cosgrove or Jennette McCurdy to tweet me for a LONG LONG LONG TIME! xD Atleast one of my Favourite Bands (Lady AnteBellum) Is Following me! xD
    Lady AnteBellum are good friends with Taylor Swift and Jennette McCurdy! πŸ˜‰

    bliss~I listened to Need You Now and Run to You early last year, they’re ok:) Lol nice. I don’t have any celebrities following me(exempt monique coleman and corbin bleu, other than those I don’t think any are), I have some verified accounts like firefox lol.

    • I have Lady Antebellum and Corbin Bleu following me πŸ˜€ They just followed me back xD I think Monique does that to but I think Twitter made me unfollow her :F I also have other Verified accounts or atleast I gueSs 1 or 2 πŸ˜€ One is Myspace. I’m not even on Myspace heh.


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