Flip the waffles

Well, fantage has released a new party, ‘Masquerade Party’. They used to have a St. Patricks day Party. xP Anyway, on fantage I think they can do better than release a new party. xP The Secret land of fantage.

Wow. This is my new favorite store x) And has anyone noticed this?

LOL. Click it! xD The game, ‘Secret Land of Fantage’ is pretty easy. To get the highscore:

A) Be the first one on your server to play it (HIGH SCORES RESTART AT 6 AM FANTAGE TIME)

B) Forget everyhting else(Treasure chests, mushrooms monsters, snails, etc.) and get every key AND RUN. You’ll have a time of about 2 minutes. If you do this, you could probably beat the first course in almost 30 seconds.

Ill post a guide on how to get EVERY treasure chest soon. Sorry for not updating..(Update 2 minutes later: )

I just finished a couple recolors, so Ive decided to post them up.

The first one;was RECOLORED by me. Not edited. MADE BY MAG FROM THE FANTAGE FORUM.

The second one, was RECOLORED by me. I didnt take the picture. From someone off the forum, too.



3 thoughts on “Flip the waffles

  1. K, so I keep seeing this treasure chest at the end..? Are we supposed to get those and if so how do we get those because you can’t jump over it. xP

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