*-* have I been pronouncing ‘fantage’ wrong all my Fantagian life? I say Fant-ege, not Fant-AGE like the fairy does.


There. Now you may not mock me for my Stars/eCoins balance. My IDFone is messed up.


9 thoughts on “Fant-AGE?

  1. I know! That’s what I’ve been saying all my fantage life. :/ Lol. I still say it. I clicked on someones ID fone.. yeah.. they got a small level number. o.o

  2. i’ve always been saying it fant-age but every one around me say fantege

    bliss~I don’t get how that could be your first impression.

  3. i always call it fant-ege and i saw an id phone with a big level number then re-clicked it and it was fixed!I wouldn’t mock you because of your stars/ecoins balance I have 14 ecoins…

    bliss~Fantage is glitching. I have like 65 eCoins lol.

  4. lol i always just called it fantage it u look uo fantage on google they say WELCOME TO A FANTASTIC AGE and first time i was like whaaaaat ?

  5. My friend introduced me to Fant- AGE only 2 years ago and I thought it was Fant-EGE. She kept calling it Fant-AGE so I talked to my mum and dad and they said it can be said any way. So until now I was confused.

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