St. Patricks Day Party(this Thurs.)

Picture says it all. I hope they  bring back some new items into the classics shop c: I think the hat for the guys is snazzy. The girls hair/hat actually looks pretty lame. C’mon, I think fantage can do better than that. xP


PS-The leprechaun on the ‘train’ ‘s name last year was Irish Finnigan. My how I remember that o.o


2 thoughts on “St. Patricks Day Party(this Thurs.)

  1. that looks cool and happy pi day!

    bliss~I was gonna post about that but I forgot and remembered right when I got offline. 3.141562654 that’s all I have memorized.

  2. Happy pi day to you, too. Our school ‘celebrated it’ like it was a holiday xD Then in math, with my obsessed with unicorns teacher, we got cookies and measure the diameter, radius, found circumference, etc. cuz it had to do with pi xD


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