Re-pixel Contest #2

Back by popular demand :] […sushi….maple…*AHEM*]

Check the Contest page for more information.

If you are…’repixeling-handicapped’ you will have the opportunity to be involved in deciding the winner! A poll will be put up with the options for all the entries and the one with the most votes will be the winner.

Prize: 3 rare stickers + 1000 stars(Stars are optional, you may choose not to get these as they involve me using your account)

Good luck!



4 thoughts on “Re-pixel Contest #2

  1. how do i send things to u?
    i cant use my email its not working
    is it that photobucket thing?
    if it is then where is it?

    bliss~You may upload your picture to Photobucket then give me the link to it., make an account, upload your picture, save, hover over it in your Album, and there should be HTML code, DIRECT LINK- copy that and give it to me via comment.

  2. i cant make a account
    it says
    “We’re sorry. Based on the information you have submitted to us, you are ineligible to register on Photobucket”
    idk y?

    bliss~You’re probably too young. Put in your birth year something like 1980.

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