…hits! As in views. Or visits to my blog :] Thank you all so much for coming! Whether it was to spam me, frame me, or just normal comments. Either way you guys gave me views/comments;)

It may not be much but it’s SOMETHING. So yeah, something to be proud of. 😀

Also, delete any of my content from your site if you have any or if you see anyone with my content tell them to remove it. I have seen another blog and who knows how many more there are that have copied my work.

Who wants my blog? Someone keeps trying to hack it by trying to change my password. Silly hacker, hacks are for people with no life. You gain nothing but infamy.

Back to the main topic!(Gosh I’m a tri-poster) thank you all so much. I would throw a party but I don’t think I will x)

Also, thanks to everyone that has sent in entries I have like 4 already and it’s only been like a day lol. The contest submission won’t end until April 1st. o.o I might havee made the due date a little too late considering there’s like 20 days left… hmm. I might shorten it up, but you still have at least a week if you want to enter still.



EDIT: I was gonna show you guys my comic but didn’t want to waste another post with it so here it is.

Was all that copyright really necessary? Yes, yes it is.

Comment any thoughts!

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