St. Paddy’s Day Parade Float Cheats

Aye, meh laddies! T’is St. Patty’s Day!

Click ye leprechaun Downtown/Uptown.

Nice fake accent. Now it’s ‘Fant-ige’ OMG the Bob sounds like Huck(from Huck & Finn best movie based on the best book ever, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ❤ and best book from Mark Twain:D)

  • Drag the ‘pole'(base of the float).
  • Drag the wheels.
  • Drag the white tablecloth.
  • Drag the upright pole.
  • Drag the shamrock flag.
  • Drag the string-y decoration.
  • Drag the shamrocks.
  • Drag the balloons.
  • Drag the pot-o-gold.

Next part takes some patience. (Hint: When going around the corners, keep going to the right slowly until the float changes direction by itself)

Prizes: St. Patrick’s Day Float/Clover Kitty Sticker










One thought on “St. Paddy’s Day Parade Float Cheats

  1. This was so frustrating I tried this on Wednesday and it was terrible.The finish line had a glitch but good thing it is fixed today.

    bliss~You need to keep your fingers steady. It’s much easier on a trackpad(laptop). It’s really bad if you have nervous hands lol.

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