Fantage Finding Music Supplies Cheats

Mini-Game #2

Go Uptown/Downtown and click ye ol’ Finnegan the Leprechaun.

#1 The Forest- Beneath Bubbly Bug is a saxophone

#2 The Creature Area-In the pond you’ll find sheet music.

#3 Wizard’s Domain-To the right near the giant pot-o-gold you’ll find a keyboard.

#4 The Castle-To the left floating you’ll find a microphone.

#5 The Beach-Near the boat you’ll find a guitar.

#6 Mt. Fantage-Near the Reporter Quiz you’ll find an amp.

#7 The Lighthouse-Atop the orange striped umbrella you’ll find a drum set.

#8 The Castle-(Outside the entrance door) Above the castle door you’ll find drum sticks.

#9  Pet Town-On fat Garfield’s head you’ll find a pick.

#10 The Carnival-In front of the Face Paint stand you’ll find a music stand.

Reward: St. Patrick’s Day/Four Leaf Clover Sticker

Do not copy otherwise you’ll be reported and we will have problems.



Comment any thoughts!

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