No All Button???+New Gift

It’s candy!! Yes, I’m back. I’ll probably disappear for a while because of SATs and school. There is no All button in the inventory.

Oh no. I always liked going to “All” and selecting the things I wanted. Oh well.


New monthly gift! It is a belt and this is how it looks:

This is one of the outfits that it looks good on. Some of the rest just make it look… eh, funny. Funny as in weird, not funny as in ha-ha.

Also, this is how the Masquerade Outfit looks, all of the package:

I guess it is ok, but there isn’t any shoes for it.

Also again, I apologise for not posting. This is a package post to make up for my lack of posting. Good bye (for now),



2 thoughts on “No All Button???+New Gift

  1. Lol. I noticed that when I went to my inventory and my shirts had more ‘spacing’ between them. I think it loads faster though xP Hehe. DO YOU LIKE SOUPPPPPP. And I think that its put from your first item at the bottom of the tab to your latest item. Or its just a coincidence that my first outfit is at the bottom and my first member items are slightly above it >-<

  2. Ive noticed it for a week I don’t like this new update.I sent fantage an email but of course no response.I’m glad someone noticed though. 😛

    bliss~I had not noticed that until yesterday lol.

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