Collect the Coins Fantage Cheats

Go Uptown/Downtown and click the leprechaun.

1. The Forest-Above the Grotto.

2. The Castle-Atop the sun(to the right).

3. Wizard’s Domain-Above Candy Swap(on top of the star).

4. Pet Town-Atop a windmill.(to the left).

5. The Castle(outside the door).

6. The Beach-To the right of the Pet Treats basket.

7. Creature Area-ARENA window(to the right of the screen, to the left of the words CREATURE ARENA).

8. Mt. Fantage-FROZEN trees(to the right of the ski lift).

9. The Lighthouse-Next to a body of water(to the right).

10. The Carnival-Where kids escape to go on rides(above Go Cart, below the sun).

The puzzle is very easy if you start from the bottom(2011 piece).

Cute dance by the leprechaun in teh end.

All clear!



3 thoughts on “Collect the Coins Fantage Cheats

  1. I think it is sorta good but I fell sorry for you because people are saying THAT DOESENT WORK AND THATS ME! JUST JOKING LOL! ITS REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ

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