Fantage Mini Game #5 (Final) Cheats!

Hello! I shall tell you where all ten of the coins are!

#1. The Forest. Above the Grotto.
#2. The Castle. Next to the Sun
#3. The Wizards Domain. Above the game ‘Candy Swap’
#4. Pet Town. Go a little to the left and ‘On Top’ (Actually in front) of the Windmill.
#5. Outside the Castle Realtors next to the game ‘Mouse Out’
#6. Beach. Go a little to the right and in front of ‘Sun Block’ next to a Beach Ball.
#7. Creature Area. In front of the Creature Arena.
#8. Mt. Fantage. Go a little right and in front of the frozen trees that don’t look frozen.
#9. The Lighthouse. On the right in front of some bushes.
#10. The Carnival. Go a little to the right on top of the game ‘Go Cart’ next to the sun.
After that, Drag the trophy pieces to the correct spot. That bit is very easy, so I reckon that is do-able without any help (:
Prizes: You get a Trophy ( I think it’s a trophy) That has ‘Pot o’ Gold Winner 2011′ written on it. You also Get a sticker of a ‘Sneaky Leprechaun’. Both are for all members. I suggest that Fantage should’nt ALWAYS Give stickers, It should give a piece of clothing for all members too instead of stickers. Clothes are more exciting in Virtual worlds :3.
However, Hope this helped!
P.S Congratulations on understanding Harry Potter, Bliss. x)


6 thoughts on “Fantage Mini Game #5 (Final) Cheats!

  1. Thanks! I feel all awesome now that I can understand what people mean when they talk about Harry Potter(most of it lol). I need to watch The Order of the Phoenix’s ending!!

  2. ikr Cedric just goes bye-bye!Yeah you know a lot now not as much as me haha jk.I remember that big conversation we had about Harry Potter for two days.Goooood Times 🙂

    bliss~I thought there was gonna be this whole action scene about it. But no, just, ZAP*dead* Lol yeah. Well just from watching the movies once, and paying some attention you don’t become a genius…or a ‘wizard’ xD

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