Last Donation Day

Today’s the last day to donate stars to Fantage to help Japan.

I reached my goal of donating 10,000 stars:D(1k, whatever xD)

So close to lvl80, I’m lvl76. Goal:100

Bad news is I only have like 400 stars left…

New Rare Items came out, a fortune teller o.o


12 thoughts on “Last Donation Day

  1. Awww I wanted to donate more i donated 5,000 stars so the medal is levels 6 for me.I just reached level 40 today!My goal is just to get to fifty for now…..

    bliss~CONGRATULATIONS, YOUNG GRASSHOPPER. ‘For now….’? Challenge accepted.

  2. The fortune teller isn’t a rare item. It’s a luxury item from costume shop. I donate 10.7k I believe. I’ll be donating 15k today. :p

    maplewood425: Lol. Fantage- inflation. used to be 100-300 stars for a cool lookin shirt. Now its 1000 as the minimum for something decent. Ive donated about 23k. I think ive donated enough so I stopped xD

    bliss~Lol I didn’t know. I haven’t been really checking anything I’ve been trying to get stars x) I just wanted to post something lol.

  3. Lol. The donation thing went away and I couldn’t donate 15k grrr. And yes, I agree. Fantage should lower down their prices sheesh. :p

  4. Heres a secret: I am the fortune teller.
    Bliss- You’ll get chocolate for christmas. And NO Lights or Owl City Albums >: D

    bliss D: I’ll take my money and my future elsewhere! …btw thanks for the chocolate.

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