April Fool’s Day

I don’t know if Fantage did this last year. Should I be worried?

I have a few April Fool’s Day tricks up my sleeve myself… if you do not take jokes lightly, I suggest you do not comment;)



8 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. I did a lot of pranks in kindergarten & everyone didn’t want to be my friend anymore. HAHAHA. :p

    bliss~Lol. …what did you do? xD

  2. these pranks better be good haha and i dont think they had this last year

    bliss~Fantage’s popularity has gone up so it needs some new events to keep the kiddies happy.

  3. That is not Civic.. o.o Lol.
    & I can’t remember just everybody wanted to not be my friend xD

    bliss~Lol. Don’t play with that girl, she’s a meanie.

  4. Ok, Bliss! I’m scared! Fantage said it’s turning everything to the top! AAAAAAHHHHHHH. There gonna say they QUIT Fantage and we can’t go on it anymore and then it’s gonna say APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHHAHA. SUCKERS! Lol just kidding. (: BUT. OMG. xD

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