RePixel Contest #2 Poll

Yup, it’s time to start voting!

I’m sorry if you were planning on entering, but the due date was yesterday.








Poll is in order with the entries.

You may vote for yourself, all votes will be anonymous by the poll. Poll will be up for one week. The person with the most votes will win. Good luck!



6 thoughts on “RePixel Contest #2 Poll

  1. DARNIT! thats poop. MISSED IT AGAIN!!!! UGHHHH
    haha miss ya bliss ;D srry i had one like all ready but then i just went here and i was like DARNIT!!!! missed it by one dayyyyyy
    GRRRR!! haha well yeah still luv ur site blisS!

    bliss~>.< I had even posted on your site so you wouldn't miss it. And thanks! Nothing much going on Fantage right now so I don't have much to post. Planning on coming back? Like, full-time?

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