earth day party -.~

geez fantage, what are you trying to teach kids? TO GROW UP TO BE ENVIRONMENTALISTS? This is just what this world needs -.- Well saving the planet to me is pretty pointless. but lets get back to the party. Itll be from the … HOLD IT THERE MISTER. What happened to the easter party? Oooh. So ts the 21st-23rd. ahhh. thought it said till the 24th 😉


14 thoughts on “earth day party -.~

  1. earth day fail….most people dont care and why change earth’s fate 😉

    bliss~You people are so… clueless and naive. It’s not earth’s fate. And most people should care. Earth’s gonna end if we don’t do anything about it. It’s YOU people that will cause the end of the world. Not the people trying to make a change.


    maple- well, the sun doesnt go out for thousands of years and a persons average life span is up to 70-90 years.

    bliss~Yeah, for THIS generation. Haven’t you ever stopped to think of the FUTURE generations? Not just ours? Shake my head. uh-uh-uh. Shame.

  3. Oooh and kyndra[too lazy to click edit again xD], thats what the crazy environmentalists want you to think o.o it technically cant, with all the environmentalists out there already.. so we’ve got nothing to worry bout. Sorry trying to make a point there :mrgreen:

    bliss~Hmm. You don’t have much knowledge about the Earth ending do you? Well, little lesson here from bliss. *ahem* Global warming. Our use and dependence on oil(petroleum and natural gas and fossil fuels being burned for our factories, cars, etc.) lets out tons of pollution everyday into the atmosphere. This causes greenhouse gases. Some gases do escape into space, but MOST of it stays inside the Earth’s atmosphere due to its gravitational pull. Theses gases absorb heat from the sun and help the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causes the Earth to heat up(in moderation and as a natural cause this is good, without it we would be dead, it causes Earth to be able to support life[nice temperature]). But excess heat is bad. The ice glaciers in the north pole are melting. Just in the last 10 years the ice has started to melt too fast, too soon. This would cause more water to enter Thermohaline CirculationEarth’s conveyor belt’, made of water– causes water to go around. Helps give us tides and ocean currents. It keeps the Earth’s water going.) When this gets too much water, our shores will start to flood. Think about it, there are tons and tons of glaciers holding water. And when they’ve all melted? Because of us? Earth will flood.

  4. Listen to BLISS. She’s got a point. And what if you die tomorrow because nobody is caring about the Earth. And the sun can cause skin cancer if the UV rays reach. Also, what about the life span in future generations? It could end up being 40-70. Only 40-70 years of life? And we got 70-90. Well, I don’t think so since there are still *ALOT* of people who are careless enough to want to die because they can’t just help by doing one thing. Look at the animals going extinct. We could go just like them because of the ice glaciers melting too fast. The earth will flood & we will all die. Fail. People should start helping. .-. And I mean by helping, I MEAN HELPING. Or we will go poof like dinos did. (Yes, it was because of a meteorite *BUT* facts also tell us dinos were starting to poof before the meteorite.) So, you really should start caring because I would not want to die. Shame on people saying that you’re grandchildren’s generation is going to die and not us. Hooray. Really. Shame. Shame. Shame.
    P.S. You’re not the only one. .-.

    P.S.S. I just wasted like an hour of your time. -.-

    bliss~I read that in like a minute xD
    maple- ahaha. does dying hurt? 😛

  5. Grammer error. On >you’re granchildren’s< it's your. .-.

    bliss~Lol. Spelling error. ‘Grammer’ is spelled ‘grammar’.

  6. I was wrong for my first comment and i apologize but when i said earth’s fate i meant when it dies out naturally.I realized though that it dieing naturally in about 5.5 billion years to 6 billion years.So we should help so it lasts that long by doing everything we can.

    bliss~Uh-huh. The facts ALWAYS change the people ^-^ Nah, it’ll die out in a few years. By few I mean probably 100s.

  7. I’m having a bad GRAMMAR/spelling day. Dude, I get A’s on this. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME! .-.

    bliss~It’s ‘As’ not ‘A’s’ xD sorry, had to.

  8. Rofl. Wow. What a bad day. xD
    Why do u need 2 go to as school?
    Lol. I hope this goes away SOON.
    What a gnarly sun…
    The sun is so bright…

    bliss~You need a space before ‘FIX’ lol. *Why do you need to go to school?* FIXED… I think xD Oh, and ‘woah’ is really spelled ‘whoa’.

    A+! xD
    Yes, woah is really spelled whoa. :]
    Looks like it sounds like “woea”, lol.

    bliss~I’M A GENIUS! xD There shouldn’t be a space after the ‘+’. The comma after ‘”woea”‘ is unnecessary.

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