weekly Guide 2- Map cheats

Haii. Time for another Edition of WG. I sound like soemeone trying to sell newspapers xD

Ok, Week 2s is…. Map cheats

1. Open your map

2. ok, for example, if you want to go to downtown, and want to go to top Models, and dont want to go[or fly] all the way over there, click really close to it. So Instead of Landing near the Star Cafe, youll be infront of Le Shop. THIS WORKS WITH THE FOREST, DOWNTOWN, AND UPTOWN.


3 thoughts on “weekly Guide 2- Map cheats

  1. I love this cheat and did not know it thank you bliss 😀

    bliss~As much as I would like to take credit for this awesome cheat, thank MAPLE. She posted it lol. The little genius.

    • JUNIOR KIDDIE ELF. You lied. It’s not Saturday o.o you said in the first WG it would be every SATURDAY.

      bliss~Lol it feels weird replying to my own comment.

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