You SHOULD Be Worried

Well, seems like our generation needs some enlightenment. Here’s my comment in response to *some* people’s opinions and care-free thoughts on how the Earth will not end. ‘We have nothing to worry about.’ ‘WE won’t die. Only our great grandchildren will:D’ ‘Nothing for us to be concerned of.’ ‘Future generations? Pssh.’

I would say that if you’re a part of this group of people, read on.

Hmm.  Well, little lesson here from bliss. *ahem* Global warming. Our use and dependence on oil(petroleum and natural gas and fossil fuels being burned for our factories, cars, etc.) lets out tons of pollution everyday into the atmosphere. This causes greenhouse gases. Some gases do escape into space, but MOST of it stays inside the Earth’s atmosphere due to its gravitational pull. Theses gases absorb heat from the sun and help the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causes the Earth to heat up(in moderation and as a natural cause this is good, without it we would be dead, it causes Earth to be able to support life[nice temperature]). But excess heat is bad. The ice glaciers in the north pole are melting. Just in the last 10 years the ice has started to melt too fast, too soon. This would cause more water to enter Thermohaline CirculationEarth’s conveyor belt’, made of water– causes water to go around. Helps give us tides and ocean currents. It keeps the Earth’s water going.) When this gets too much water, our shores will start to flood. Think about it, there are tons and tons of glaciers holding water. And when they’ve all melted? Because of us? Earth will flood.

Glaciers are melting at a fast rate during OUR generation. So yes, you could die in your lifetime. Yes, you should be worried. Yes, you should be trying to make a change. And yes, this is a serious topic.



16 thoughts on “You SHOULD Be Worried

  1. I do worry. Flooded Earth would be bad and also the sun’s rays hitting directly to earth can cause global warming plus, UV (ultraviolet) rays can hit Earth and give us skin cancer. Start taking care of Earth people. .-.


  2. Global warming is not real just as the Earth isnt a billion years old. God will not let Global warming happen. Yes we should be concerned about polution but there is no such thing as Global warning. But we have our own opinions, but I say GW isnt real, I believe in God and he would never do that 🙂 God will take care of all of us and hey, if we do die then that means we get to go to Heaven faster!Lol

    bliss~Aaaand that’s why I hate religion. It’s a cult and it blinds people. Global warming IS real and it’s already happening. It’s been happening since there has been life on Earth. It’s why we are able to LIVE. Too much of it however, is bad. ‘God’ WOULD let that happen. If ‘God’ let the black plague happen, bombings, shootings, earthquakes, the Haiti earthquake, the gigantic tsunami in Japan why wouldn’t ‘he’ let global warming happen? I doubt ‘God’ will take care of all of us. Horrible things have happened that have KILLED millions of people and you think, ‘Oh, God wouldn’t let anything bad happen to us.’? And if you die, ‘Oh yay we get to go to Heaven faster!’ which you don’t even know if it exists. Who knows? You die you’re over. No heaven for you, and you were glad and didn’t care?

  3. Yes, why would God let the Haiti earthquake and bombings and other terrible things happen? That is something I still need to look into and read the Bible more to understand better, but everything happens for a reason. But, I do not believe in Global warming, maybe it is real maybe it is not. There is not an exact answer. Why dont you believe in God? There is proof that he exists and that Jesus Christs walked the earth, because archiologists found proof thats why I believe and plus I have faith and I beieve in the Bible. 🙂 I dont mean to get you mad or start an argument, but I think believing in Global Warming is silly. Global Warming is a HYPOTHESIS that scientists thought of. Our science books are full of hypothesis and mythes, so dont believe everything you hear.

    bliss~There is no proof. Did you know that scientists found out that Jesus’ father’s occupation was translated wrong? It’s not ‘carpentry’ it’s ‘masonry’. If there was an error like that, who’s to say the whole thing is a lie? And global warming IS real. It’s already happening. It’s why we’re ALIVE today. Without global warming we’d all be dead. It’s what keeps the Earth warm. Global warming is when the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere capture the Sun’s rays therefore retaining heat in Earth. Saying it’s ‘not true’ or ‘a lie’ or ‘maybe it’s not real’. Global warming is not a hypothesis and honestly where do you get this stuff? The Bible doesn’t say, “Global warming isn’t real.” No, that’s where you’re wrong. Science books aren’t filled with hypothesis’ and myths, the BIBLE is. There is proof that global warming is real, not that ‘God’ walked the Earth. It’s just as ‘real’ as ‘Bloody Mary’ coming for you at night. The Bible could’ve been made by really wise guys. There are MILLIONS and DIFFERENT kinds of Bibles out in the world, from DIFFERENT religions and they all SOUND true with all these life lessons and such. But they’re all myths, folk-lore, and tales. Like Hansel and Gretel. Stories to teach you lessons about life. You’re telling ME ‘don’t believe everything you hear’? YOU are the one who needs to hear that. I base my life and my beliefs on CONCRETE stuff not ABSTRACT like religion. What I’m saying is completely true and can be proven, unlike the Christian Bible or ‘God’. No, I’m not trying to get you upset or start a fight, I’m just having a friendly debate with you. And so far, my thoughts are completely true while all you have for show is a book that any wise person could’ve written and a ‘God’ that has no proof he exists. There are many ‘God’s out there. It’s like a Christian arguing with a Jewish. You both think you’re right with your religious beliefs. Only you’re not arguing with another person who ‘believes’ in theories, hypotheses, and stone figures, you’re arguing with a person based completely on facts and truth.

  4. Well as i learned its like god throws rocks at us to face.Religion is not supposed to be bad or anything like a colt.Religion just gives us hope but we all have different opinions.Also yes bliss is right on the list of things we need to survive is warmth.
    bliss~I said it’s a cult because some people treat it like it is. They’re practically brain-washed and so naive about everything, ‘Oh, God will save me!:D’ ‘Nothing bad will ever happen to me, I pray!’. Like, really?

  5. Whats your proof that Global Warming is real? What are the scientists that created this all up?? Who are they? Show me the numbers. How much has the temperature increased? I do have proof that the Bible is real! They have found pieces of Noah’s Ark, a part of the bible, in the Jordan River! Look it up! It is true! You should read the book called A Case for Christ. It’s about a man who didn’t believe in God and went on a journey to find proof that Jesus wasn’t real. On his way, he discovered proof that God was real and he became a Christian. I wish you would believe me. I will pray that God will be in your heart. God loves you and everybody else.

    And yes the science text books are FULL OF MYTHS and they are all HYPOTHESIS that scientists created, yes there are a lot of real things in it too.

    By the way, Christians and Jewish people have some of the same beliefs. Just making sure you get the facts right 🙂
    bliss~Dude… are you serious? Proof of global warming? You’re actually asking, you’re telling me you haven’t even HEARD of the proof? Here’s some place you should start: and Your ‘numbers’ are right in there. Pieces of Noah’s Ark? It’s wood. Boom, find it everywhere. I DO have the facts right. Do they have the same bible? Same prayers? No. Both seem right to both of them. This is why I hate religion. The proof is you. Stubborn and naive. Religion does not protect you. You could get hurt and ‘praying to god’ wouldn’t help. Does praying to ‘god’ heal your wound? No. Science does. ‘I’ll pray for you’ thoughts? Really? Thoughts don’t do anything. Ex: Pray for Japan. No, give AID and MONEY. Help them. Do you really think they’re like, oh don’t worry, the whole world is praying for us, we’ll be alright. No. They want help. Not thoughts. Science books filled with myths and hypothesis? Obviously your science book isn’t a science book. You might be reading sci-fi. There are no myths, only theories which have great truths to them. At least they can be proven unlike the bible and a mythical figure. It’s like believing in the tooth fairy or santa claus. Science is science because it’s EXACT sure there are some theories, but they have great truths to them and EVERYONE believes it. That’s why it’s science. Science is something everyone can agree one, unless you are extremely religious which I am sorry for you. Plese don’t bother with these type of comments anymore. Seriously. This case is hopeless. I can’t help you.

  6. I believe science and religion.There is nothing wrong with that.Whatever happens will happen and its just what i learned from my parents.I am not here to argue like little kids.

    bliss~I’m not here to argue either, I’m here to make a point. Religion shouldn’t blind people and make them incredulous towards science and what’s happening.

  7. Wow, bliss have you ever heard of miracles?? Praying does help, and people get healed, im not saying anybody can just pray to heal your dog or something and then they will be healed, but people can get healed. And no, believing in the Bible is not like beliveing in santa claus or the tooth fairy because you can prove that the Bible is real and there is proof.

    Are you sure EVERYONE believes it? So people just read something, oh the Earth was created from metearotes and we all just appeared, and they believe it just becasue science is science?? Please dont be sorry for me, you should be sorry for you self.

    bliss~Yes I have. I’ve also heard of Leprechauns, that doesn’t mean they’re real. No. Haven’t you learned ANYTHING in school about how life came to be? You’re probably imagining a meteorite hitting Earth and people came out of it. No. Wrong. Many meteorites hit Earth and created water. Inside the water, small microscopic amoebas and such started to form. Over millions of years they started to evolve(Evolution). Like, how primates turned into humans. I will never be sorry for myself. Science is science because it’s exact. Stop arguing with me, and start caring. You shouldn’t depend on religion to save you. You are stubborn and incredulous. Being religious doesn’t mean global warming isn’t real. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. Being religious is to give you HOPE to CHANGE. Be a better person. HELPING the Earth and everybody on it. You obviously wouldn’t know that. You don’t even believe in the evil there is on Earth. You don’t think there’s global warming. I’m sorry but that’s just absurd. It’s like saying leaves aren’t green. It’s something so obvious it’d be just plain stupid not to know it. I hope you’re young because you have a lot to learn. You wouldn’t make it in the world out there. Ask your science teacher if global warming is real. Research. Don’t be lazy and pray thinking you’ll ‘be saved’.

  8. We did a science project on Global warming, we got to choose if GW was real or GW wasnt.If it was real then there wouldnt be facts to proof that it is not. And the earth was not created out of meterotes, and it is not a billion or million years old. The Earth is only 6,000 years old.There is proof, so dont say there is no proof that the Bible is not real because there is. There is proof that Jesus walked this Earth 2,000 years ago. Seriously, why dont YOU do some research??

    Yes, everybody should be helping the earth and trying not to pollute. And in my religion,God takes care of his people and he will. Things happen for a reason. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes whatever it is, it happens for a reason. I am not arguing with you I am just telling you the facts. Just because a science book says the earth was hit by meteroits and there was water or whatever, doesnt mean you beleive it, it doesnt even say it happened it was a hypothesis! Im not saying that everything in the science books is not true, most of the it is true. But in topics like Global warming and how the Earth was created, that is something different than the science book talking about the digestive system or immune system works which is not a hypothesis. Global warming is a hypothesis it is not a 100% true.

    Why dont you research?? YOU are lazy and dont want to research because you THINK you are right, but no, you are not. And you need to come up with something better than Science is science because it is exact.That makes no sense.You should come up with a better answer than that.
    Miracles happen, if they dont explain this. I seen it with my own eyes, a woman who could not walk was prayed over and was healed, explain this, a girl who was blind, who could not see, was prayed over and was healed! She could see, she wasnt blind anymore!!! Im not saying that if you pray then you will be healed. It can happen though, it always had, and it always will. Im not saying that God decides who will be healed and who wont be, things happen for a reason. There is a reason for everything.
    I do beleive in science, but when you get to silly topics talking about how scientists came up with a hypothesis that when global warming happens we are gonna die and the earth will flood or the earth was created millions and millions and millions of years ago by some meteorites hitting the earth, it doesnt mean it is real because it is a HYPOTHESIS. A hypothesis is a mere assumption or guess.
    So you think that the universe, the stars, the planets, us humans, the earth, the water, the plants was all created because some meteorites hit the some rock and it became earth??

    bliss~Researching the Bible is like researching a fantasy book. No, it’s not exact. Neither is science but it’s CLOSER. I’m not lazy you are. You don’t even care. And your last question, yes. It’s completely logical I don’t get how you can not think that. You are really ticking me off now. Stop with these comments. Spam. I am really nice but I have my limits. I am smart and I try to explain things to people so they know their science and truth. But you cannot be helped. Too much of one thing is bad. That’s your problem. You are too religious and depend on it to help you. That’s wrong. Your points are down-right lame and aren’t a valid argument. Instead of thinking of science as a hypothesis, why not think of the BIBLE as one? It’s less likely to be true. Science is not silly. Your arguments are just plain ridiculous and aren’t even worth my time. I tried to help you but your stubborness will end up killing you. Only 6000 years old? ‘Show me the numbers’ as you said. I have GRAPHS. and scientists and facts. You gave myths, thoughts, and a book anyone could have written. Let’s not forget a made-up character. Ugh see what you do? I’m disrespecting stuff. I’m so sorry. Whatever. Just FORGET ABOUT IT. I’m right, you’re wrong xD

  9. You can help and pray at the same time. And in my religion, God comes first before ANYTHING. I believe in helping and praying. I never said I didnt help? Dont assume things.

    bliss~Dude. I was giving an EXAMPLE of how religion brainwashes people and they get lazy and don’t care or do anything. Any more comments of religion or debating will be marked as spam. This is going to sound rude(good) save your religious talk for church and get off my site if you just want to brainwash more people.

  10. one of my friends told me that she saw a bush (near southland i think)
    and it was stuffed wiht rubish
    ppl r so careless (i think its one word)

    bliss~Yup one word. Oh my gosh that’s horrible.

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