Gif Animations

I tried… to make a gif of me waving. Idk for some reason some of the gif makers made mine HUGE and I fail at photoshop; I couldn’t figure it out >.<


7 thoughts on “Gif Animations

  1. the giant one was made on picasio, im guessing… picasion messes mine up. what sites do you use? lol. i use gif ninja. >.<

    bliss~Photoshop(to make them transparent), Picasion(huge one), gifNinja(black background), and gickr. Pretty much every site you get from searching ‘make a gif’.

  2. Wow. That is AH-MAY-ZING XD I like how the 3rd one moves. Can you make one of those as a recolor? I’m just saying that cuz the third one looks the the cape turns purple for a second. Well auctually it looks like that in all of them xD

    bliss~It DOES turn purple xD it’s part of the magic wand’s special powers. If you use it with the wizard costume it’ll turn the cape gold and purple, leave sparks, make a magical sound, and a small critter will appear.

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