1A- An ecoin “converter” for like every ummm… 10 stars? that would make one ecoin. But it would have to be for premium members or else fantage would lose money and go bankrupt like Scooter.

1B- The ‘converter’ could be in our houses. Fantage is crowded enough. It could be like an ATM.

2- STOP BRINGING BACK OLD ITEMS!!!!!!! Why cant you admit you cannot think of any SUPERIOR items and just use the fanart stuff like you did YEARS ago? Youre just shy Mentholx ;D

3-Take ecoins out COMPLETELY. I mean, whats the point of being a premium member when you can buy ecoins to LOOK like one? Fantage gets wants our money. I swear theyre gonna go bankrupt someday. ..when they lose their audience of little kiddies.



3 thoughts on “Fantage-Ideas

  1. Lol what? Your first idea is an eCoins converter then you go on to say take eCoins out completely? xD Lol ‘like Scooter’. The FanArt thing was an idea I sent to Fantage. LET’S HOPE THEY LISTEN. eCoins are[were] like silver expolorers… just another way to get money :]

  2. Lol. Hmm. STARS STARS STARS.. :mrgreen: Hail MrGreen[s]

    bliss~Lol ok. I’ll go with the traditional reward: 1,000 stars. Meebo me your info and I’ll quickly play 5 games of type boo. You don’t mind getting the high scores do you, xD?

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