Isn’t it a little babyish? Oh well. It’s a TEDDY. If only there were waffles…



6 thoughts on “OMG TEDDY

  1. Oh, yay! You can carry it around EVERYWHERE. For hanging out with your friends Downtown, for hanging out with your ‘pfd’ xD, or for hosting your own ‘Party at my house!’ everyone is suuuure to respect you.

    candy-You don’t get teddies everyday. And I know sarcasm. O.o

  2. You could be the coolest kid on fantage. And I heard it was ‘val’ now.

    bliss~Lol what? Valentine’s Day was over 2 months ago. People have since altered the meaning of ‘pd’ to ‘psd’, ‘pdf'(what adobe?), ‘pfd’, and many more xD

  3. What does psd/pfd mean? O_O Prom *something* date?

    bliss~I… don’t… know xD Once I was Downtown and some chick started saying, “WHO WANTS TO BE MY PFD?” Well, then everyone was like, “COME MEET YOUR PFD AT MY HOUSE” or, “WILL YOU BE MY PFD?” or, “I NEED A PFD”. Chain reaction lol.

  4. PDF is probably the fantage way of saying “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” bcuz on dizzywood people would say “lof” instead of love 😛
    Teddy looks soooooo cute ❤

    bliss~And people would say ‘lyke’ whaaaaa? ‘Like’ wasn’t filtered xD

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