… is a creeper.

Obviously the blue is the cleverbot xD

Go try it out… you know you want to(;

Ask: Are you married?



6 thoughts on “Cleverbot

  1. I’m freaked out by Cleverbot. We had a little conversation. The person thought I was a bot. It was CREEPY.

    bliss~IT’S A CREEPYBOT. xD

  2. It said that it was a boy then later it said that it was a woman.

    bliss~Lol it’s messed up. It’s a robot and it learns from other people. That’s why sometimes it asks YOU a question. It stores that and may use it when ANOTHER person asks a question.

  3. Hey bliss! This is vanessa snowie. The bot and i had a messed up conversation for hours, there is a real p on the other end you know. If it says different things it means the original person you chatted with logged out of something, they replace it with a new person.

    bliss~xD Lol no. It’s a COMPUTER designed by humans. Whenever you talk to it it records your answers and it learns from actual humans. Many people THINK it’s an actual person but no. Even on the page it explains how it works. Rofl xD

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