Free T-Shirt!

Go to the Forest>Grotto and to the right there’ll be a boat. Click the duck’s head(on the front of the boat).
Wow that sounds weird if you aren’t there x3
Hurry! Only available until the 19th!
Rainbow top(;
Thanks, nadine!

7 thoughts on “Free T-Shirt!

  1. That is kind of strange clicking the duck head. Also i got another trophy the bullseye one when i played it this morning.

    bliss~’Click the duck head, kids.’ xD Oh wow, seriously? Thanks(: I’ll play it later today:D

  2. Grrrr! My account got hacked that day and now I missed it! Hope its gonna be in vintage classics soon!

    bliss~o.O Change your password to something really long and random with numbers. You’ll never get hacked again.

  3. i want to know how you get a free shirt on april when its easter time plzzzzzzzzz, i really wanna knowwwwwww
    bliss~I don’t think there’s one right now. This one already expired.

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