Easter Party 2011-Cheats Day 1+Info

The voices are adorable. lol. Aww, Cotton is turning ten. THE GOLDEN AGE. Erm, nope, im sorry. I thought 50 was. rofl. Anyways, Its fantage’s THIRD easter party. Haha, he shoud’ve turned THREE. looool. First there’s new Limited items, click it and then check your tasks to get a whooping thirty-five stars. xP Here is how Downtown is decorated:

Now for the mini-game. Its all about remembering things(hey, weren’t these called concentration games?).  So here are the “combos” and what order they’re in. oh, and when there is a slash, it means the frist one is one the top, or on the right, depending what number your on

1 orange

2 light blue/purple

3 dark blue/purple/orange

4 yellow/light blue/ purple/dark blue



Here is how the prizes look on your avatar:

The shirt for non-premium members is on the right.

There is also an Egg Battle, where we can get medals for playing it. Unlike in previous ones(color battle, sports battle, veggie battle), we dont get stars. xP Heres a quick tip on what to do to get medals:

Stand in a big globber of people! 😀

Wow, this is like a super-mega-ultra post. xD going back to the Vintage items, we have the 2009 bunny hat, glasses, and the chick costume. For the 2010 items, we have the bunny costume. They look like this on your avatar:

Chick Costume

Bunny Glasses
Egg Hat

 Those are 2009’s items. Heh, well compared to last years(we got to log on every day and take care of our little egg), its not that original. That’s just my opinion. Its like 2009 all over.. well the fourth mini game is. 😛


EDIT: We can now play fantage on WawaGames! Woop!!!


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