Fantage Easter Party Day 1 Cheats- Dye the Eggs

Click the bunny that’s Uptown/Downtown.


My suggestion is to you know how at the top in your address bar there are lots of encrypts and numbers? You can write on there the combination from top to bottom OR from left to right depending on your egg. Just DO NOT press enter or you’ll open up a new page.

See? When you’re viewing the egg preview, quickly type the color names in order or abbreviate them so you know which ones.

Tip: Call the lighter blue CYAN or AQUA as to not get confused.

Reward: Easter Egg Shirt(members or eCoins) and an Easter striped shirt.



4 thoughts on “Fantage Easter Party Day 1 Cheats- Dye the Eggs

  1. i did it when u guys were probably sleeping. it was hard *sigh*

    bliss~Lol. If you do the toolbar thing, it’s pretty easy. We do it when YOU’RE sleeping.

  2. what’s the point of having fantage on wawagames? Any thing special with not going directly to fantage?

    bliss~You’ll be more likely to win eCoins directly from wawagames. They both have to make a profit. Fantage allows wawagames to have Fantage, wawagames gets more visitors, they give them some eCoins, Fantagians are all ‘:D’ I love this! They BUY some and there ya go.

  3. play wack a vegi on wawa games (not logged onto your fantage account)and u can get the member ultra hummer! u can get like 3 vegies at a time!

    bliss~If you’re not logged in you won’t get to keep the hammer, right? ‘Cause if you did that’d be awesome.

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