How to Host a Party If You’re Not a Premium Member

Handy WP tool led me to find this. Thumbs up to you, WordPress.

You’ll need 50 eCoins.

But I don’t have any. Then you can’t host a party.

But I saw a non-member hosting a party! Then they had eCoins. May we continue?

Go to your Home.

Click the balloon button. (Host a party! it’ll say)

Choose the type of party you want.

The rest is optional.

There ya go!



7 thoughts on “How to Host a Party If You’re Not a Premium Member

  1. i only have 35 e coins.

    bliss~Then you can’t host a party. UNLESS you’re a premium member, then you can with 50 stars.

  2. You can? I don’t see the option.

    bliss~Go to your Dashboard. To the left it says Dashboard with a drop down menu, on that there’s a link that says Site Stats. Click it and a graph should be shown. Scroll down and it’ll say Search Terms(what people have searched to get to your blog). Unless someone hasn’t searched anything and they haven’t clicked on your blog, some words/phrases should come up. Oh and Red, your link goes to your original blog but it’s deleted:P might want to change it to your newer blog.

  3. I was talking about hosting a party with e-coins, LOL.
    And how do I change the site my username leads to?

    bliss~Dashboard>Users>Personal Settings>Scroll down a little until you see Primary Blog: from there choose your current blog.
    For the hosting parties thing, go to your home, then on the top-right corner there will be a lot of buttons, hover over the balloon one.

  4. What a waste of ecoins spending them on a party…. but people can do what they want.

    bliss~Well what else can you do with 50 eCoins? Buy a moodie or host a party.

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