Fantage Easter Party Day 4 Mini-Game: Easter Egg Hunt! Cheats

You need to go Uptown/Downtown and click the bunny(yet again…).

1. Find a colorful egg where bugs get trapped in bubbles! The Forest.[beneath bubble bug]

2. It’s next to  shop that sells funny creatures both big and small! Creature Area.[to the right of the Creature Shop]

3. Shoot for the target! Find an egg near a dartboard! Wizard’s Domain. [to the left near Bullseye]

4. A regal building with sleepy guards may be the key to finding this egg! The Castle.[to the right in the sky]

5. It’s near a palm tree next to calm blue waters. The Lighthouse.[in the sky]

6. Near a wintry scene lies an orange helicopter. Find an egg there! Mt. Fantage.[above the Yeti area]

7. Find an easter egg floating lazily in the ocean blue! The Beach.[near Jelly Fishin’]

8. Next to a shop where a cowboy buys items from Fantagians. Suspicious! The Forest.[near Bubble Bug]

9. You can find an Easter egg where a statue of a cat wears golden sunglasses. Can you find it? Pet Town.[in the fountain]

10. Find a colorful egg where you can race go-carts! The Carnival.[to the right of Putt Putt]

Reward: Chicken Beak(premium members or eCoins) and an Egg Accessory.


P.s. Sorry so late!

That little dude helped Cotton my cheating…


One thought on “Fantage Easter Party Day 4 Mini-Game: Easter Egg Hunt! Cheats

  1. yes! new boards and level items that non members can have for now…

    bliss~I doubt Fantage will take them back. That’d be too cruel lol. They TRIED to do that with some shoes of mine, turns out they were updating and they gave them back:P

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