Secret Land of Fantage Updates

On the World Map, now!

New SECOND portal oooh.

I don’t get this new place at all.

After you talk with the fairy you’ll get out of it, then you need to go back in to get started.

NOW GO! I lost all my progress because I couldn’t finish it. Goodbye, 16 stickers.

You can get a high score easily, though!

I normally don’t see myself at the top unless it’s Type Boo ^-^ I only get like 5th place in Jelly Fishin’.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! All you have to do is talk to the fairy and boom! You’re at the top. Like, no one gets any higher.

Yeah I know this came out Thursday. My laptop wouldn’t connect yesterday >.< which is why yesterday’s post was cut off. I didn’t get to finish it ._.




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