New Month>New Level

Whoooo! Level 85 now!

Happy, May! Meh tulips came out :mrgreen:

April showers bring May flowers.

What do may flowers bring?



13 thoughts on “New Month>New Level

  1. PILGRIMS! I WIN! what do i get? chocolate????????

    bliss~Sense of satisfaction and bragging rights lol.

  2. My June b-day! xP Well, they probably bring something else.. (Are we supposed to post our level or something? xP I’m level 72..)

    bliss<Lol no I don't think so… 85 xD

  3. May the month of my birthday and the month school ends this year for me 🙂 May just keeps giving me happiness!

    bliss~Whoooot. Lol. I just realized. I only have like 3 weeks left of school. Awesomeness.

  4. guess how much i hav left of skewl? 22 daYS! JK 22 weeks jk! i really only hav 22 DAYS of school


  5. Thanks! I’ve grown in the creative ways ^^
    I know! You never post anymore :/ are you planning on coming back like, full-time? I haven’t posted much; Fantage has been having events and I thought you would post that. Fantage has had wayyy too many parties/events but now it’s boring xD
    Rofl yes. Non-member(: I haven’t become a member, you haven’t missed that much lol.

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