Warning You All

Don’t believe anyone who says that they will give you free eCoins. They will hack your account. Ex: My chat was being used for that e_e It’s safe now(at least I think…) from A hacker. I’m not sure how many more there are, I’ve only known one[girl_supah_ninja AKA bubblegum]-now banned forever.

My suggestion for if you don’t want to be hacked, don’t give anyone your Fantage username or password.

I seriously doubt anyone will spend their money on some random person off an Internet chat. ‘Free eCoins’ NOT from wawagames do not exist.

If anyone is asking you for your information, please tell a moderator or myself so we may ban them. We can’t see other’s private messages so we don’t always know when you are being hacked or by who.



8 thoughts on “Warning You All

  1. nope, its not. 😥 hey, supah_ninja tried talking to me a few days ago on chat.
    supah_ninja:do you wants e-coins?
    me: [ o.o ] no
    supah_ninja:do you want a membership?
    me: [even though I wanted one] no
    so yeahh…. O.O

    • Kids these days… tsk tsk tsk. ‘Her brother’ did it -.-‘ I’m not stupid I’ve heard that excuse plenty of times. She also tried to blackmail me .-.

  2. O.O *sigh* I dont even get why people would wanna hack accounts if they have their own. (that was rhetorical, lol) some people are just idiots like that. XP

    bliss~Some people just have nothing going on in their lives. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. one time i was tried to be hacked by one girl(whos user i can not remember srry)and she was so rude when i said no so what i did was i got my bff in life by the way.and gave her my account to her as a bday gift and then got my old one up(i quit with tht one cause i was scared of ppl who hated me)and i play tht now and so far nothing yay me!

  4. I saw tht hacker! keykeymonkey too! He tried hacking me and my friends account! it wasn’t nice and he was like also half swearing like an eg: uck u! and he said come on, just tell me ur password and name so I can give u free e – coins! Me and my friend were like NO!
    so beware of keykeymonkey!
    Plz ban him forever Bliss!

    bliss~On my chat? Or on Fantage? If it’s on Fantage I can’t do anything.

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