Fantage School Cheats

There are Limited Items Downtown and Uptown.

After playing a game you can get a Pen* and a T-Shirt.

In Add Like Mad you need to add numbers together(they do NOT need to be touching) to equal the number in the equation below. You may add more than two numbers together.

In Play Math Links you need to aim and shoot the ball[on the longer side of the ruler] towards other balls that when they add together they sum up to TEN. Ex: (1)+(9)=BOOM. If you see coins, shoot at them. If there are two balls together in the line of the same number and you have a number that adds them up to 10 you can shoot it in the MIDDLE of them as to destroy BOTH of them.

In Where In The World you just need to find the state that is listed above. It’d be easier if the map were accurate…

In Word Up it’s like Scrabble. Or a letter soup. You just need to make words by dragging the letters up and forming words.


My school ended today and Fantage’s school opened today. Ironic, huh?


2 thoughts on “Fantage School Cheats

  1. I missed the shirt but oh well.In the new catalog at Le Shop i found new blue shoes for non members I was shocked.

    bliss~Lol yeah. I was like, OMG SHOES FOR NON-MEMBERS? Nice Fantage, nice.

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