For all you Fantage Oldies [;

– remember when there was no top models and during Halloween it was “haunted” and all decorated?

– remember when some of the creatures were limited but fantage never took them out?

– remember when there weren’t ecoins?

– remember when the ID CARDS were like little blackberry [phones] ?

– remember when there were only 3 missions?

– remember when there wasn’t a lighthouse?

– remember when you didn’t have to pay 50+ stars to host a party +pinata?

– remember when mt fantage had actual room?

– remember when wizards domain had only 3-10 items?

– remember when the highest level was like 80?

– remember when Npcs had IDCards?

– remember when fantage’s blog was

– remember when HIMANI RAN FANTAGE?

There ya go. xD Kthxbye


6 thoughts on “For all you Fantage Oldies [;

  1. I remember the old mt. fantage that was my hangout/hideout. Then the reporter thing came and ruined it.

    bliss~Lol. It’s always good fun until the paparazzi arrive.

  2. How old is old? *Joined in April ’09*
    But I remember the ID phones. They upgraded, into these…new technology thingies.
    Fantage has come a long way.

    bliss~I first joined before making this blog and playing Dizzywood to the point of actually liking it. Which would’ve been around Fall of ’08 or somewhere around there. You could message on the lower right on yellow notebook phone thingies.

  3. hmm i played fantage around 09 then left then this year i found it again i remember no ecoins and mt fantage good times 😀

  4. I played fantage at around when it came out, then I quit, and made another account a couple years later. I liked Fantage when Hiamni ran it… And she DIDN’T retire… she quit.

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