Whoa! Thanks.


I’m a Fantage Rookie until level 100. Really, Fantage? Not many non-members make it this far. We should be ‘Epic Newb’.

Eh, yeah I don’t really care about you guys creeping on my ‘moolah’ lol. Mock me. I dare you.

T H A N K Y O U!

Thank you guys so much! Not every blog makes it to this many ❤ I’ve actually beat the blogs that I WENT on before making my own.



3 thoughts on “Whoa! Thanks.

  1. I’m a rookie 2. and im only level 19. bliss. When u get 2 level 100 then ur an fantage apreantice idc im not using correct puntcuation later. Chill out

  2. hey im over level 100 too!
    i never bought ecoins and i was never a premium member but i earned a huge amount of ecoins using the invite a friend and trade and sell thing ><
    nice to find someone similar ^^

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