Fantage Mini Game 4: Soccer Shootout! ‘Guide’

I don’t like to call it cheats because I feel like a cheater, but it’s really for you guys 😀

Press on either Maria or the other guy. I think you get a medal on this day, but that’s only what my brother said. Don’t go with me on this one :3

The circle in the middle rotates/moves left and right. Press on it (Ready), when you are ready. then, on your right hand side, the other (gauge? I don’t know) bar moves up and down. Again, when you are ready, press Kick. Watch out for the dreaded goalie. He will stop at nothing to make you fail.

Reward: Football and Pool Party Sticker-#4 (These people…Always fighting over every little thing…Even cooking ¬_¬)

(You’re gonna have to rely on bliss and her other workers to post from tomorrow until Friday- I have school journey and there will be no internet unless I use my mobile. And with all the activities planned, there probably won’t be any time. So. See ya on Friday :3)



Comment any thoughts!

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