New Unannounced Non-Member Hair

Fantage recently unveiled two new hairstyles. Why are we so surprised? They never announced it. They unexpectedly released them.

I don’t know much about the boys’ hair o.o


Enjoy it while it lasts(;


10 thoughts on “New Unannounced Non-Member Hair

  1. both are for nonmembers?! pretty expensive! well i can buy it! XD wahahahaa….
    idk. XD

    bliss~I’m assuming they’re expensive by everyone’s reaction o.O I just bought them knowing I would afford them x3

  2. wait wait wait….what you mean enjoy while it lasts?

    bliss~Well, they were released UNANNOUNCED. Fantage has a history of changing its mind or taking things back. Also, enjoy how everyone’s like, OMG WHERE’D YOU GET THAT? xD

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