WitchMe Presents + Launch Info

For all you WitchMe users.

I found one!

It gets larger and larger everytime you use magic on it, you’ll need to hit it like 3x.

o.o … Why am I posting this?



10 thoughts on “WitchMe Presents + Launch Info

  1. I knew it was you! I hope you know im masterpanda ;3
    I hope we can be rlly good friends on Witchme (wm) isnt it cute and fun… I only joined today cuz my friend elle (wintersparkle aka winter) told me! Have fun >.< people keep talking bout fantage how Witchme is better,bbut I have to admit it is a cute and epic game so far!

    bliss~Lol yeah it’s adorable! The resolution is a bit blurry but it might just be my computer’s screen resolution.

  2. You and Animal met my cousin on witchme right? 😀

    bliss~Yes! I saw moonygirl around and I was like, that name sounds familiar… later she recognized me and I remembered her! Buddies ^-^

  3. So is this site gonna turn into blisswirls Witchme cheats, tips and hints?
    Its a cute site. Yesterday I was on and I was pretending my dog was a fish. Blub Blub

    bliss~Maybe. If Fantage doesn’t have much going on and I’m bored, maybe. Swimming on the floor?

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