New Simple Prom Dress

Idk how new this is but it’s not… new. XD Here’s what I mean:

It’s rare. Three sapphires; two sapphires and one ruby.

I’m not sure if the gold version is still available…


Have any of you read The Hunger Games? It’s[they’re] sooo good; it’s engrossing o_o I just need to read Mockingjay and then I’ll need the movie:P But seriously. It. Is. Addicting. And, um, yeah I took a break but now I’m going back for more x3



11 thoughts on “New Simple Prom Dress

    • Lol. It’s spelled Katniss:P
      I liked the actual Hunger Games best; all the action, the violence O_O the suspense :3
      The ending[of Mockingjay] was a bit unsatisfactory. You couldn’t tell what happened and what didn’t; a little hazy. Plus it didn’t really explain how and why things ended, too little details.

    • O.O Have you been living in a cave? Only one of the most epic book series in the world. About to be made into a movie. It’s a trilogy about a girl, Katniss, who goes to the Hunger Games; 24 tributes, two from each district of Panem[North America collapsed, and Panem surfaced – a controlling government with 12 districts aside from the Capitol] go to battle it out and kill each other in an enclosed arena until the last one standing wins.

  1. Sounds boring O.O

    I like books with dragons and Hobbits and elves and things of the sort. 8)

    bliss~Au contraire, it is very exciting, fast-paced, and suspenseful. Lol that’s what I think of Lord of the Rings – boring.

  2. Just read Aragon or fly by night.
    They’re both thick good books. And hunger games is epic (the series).
    Bliss; you forgot to mention that they fight for food and the last one standing/team gets a crate of food. And, lots of drama. Like Katniss falls in love with someone on the other team…. etc

    bliss~o.o They don’t get a crate of food… They get rich, get to live their life luxuriously, and a place in the Victors’ Village. Their District gets rewarded, also. I think you’re thinking of the tesserae. Peeta’s on the same team as Katniss. Not at first it seems, but he always was.

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