Fantage Summer Camp 2011 Mini Game 2: Giant Boulder Escape Cheats

Do not copy this post. If anyone wants these cheats they are already posted on blissswirl’s fantage cheats and it’s useless to post them anywhere else.

You need to go to the Dock>airplane>Oasis. Make sure your earbuds aren’t on max volume e_e

Simple, move left and right using your arrow keys you can get hit twice, max. One more hit and you have to start all over. There are 3 stages.

Reward: Adventurer Jacket* and Summer Camp Sticker 2

~bliss~Sorry I haven’t been on the past week or so; I’ve been busy.


4 thoughts on “Fantage Summer Camp 2011 Mini Game 2: Giant Boulder Escape Cheats

  1. i hate when ppl do that they should be stalked and arested

    bliss~You know stalking is illegal, right? They’d BOTH end up in jail. Someone thought I, blissswirl, said this and called me some… *names* on meebo e_e I wouldn’t wish anything bad on a person, only justice.

  2. I can’t understand y u r saying that it is useless to post the cheats in the way the blogger likes in their own blog.
    For ex : I always post by showing the pictures and each and every ( useful and useless ) instructions.
    People who r mean and jealous of Ur site will copy these cheats but others wont and it is not useless if others post the cheats in video way or picture way in their own blog because maybe not every fantagian know Ur blog and may be depending on other blogs for the cheats.
    And some people gets views because they copy other’s blog and IT IS VERY BAD. People who copied others blog will not know the feelings of the owner of the blog which they copied from but will only know if they were copied from.
    Copying and cheating is like cheating yourself.

    bliss~You read it wrong. I meant do not copy MY cheats if they’re already on MY blog. I don’t care if you make your own post/cheats as long as they’re ORIGINAL and YOURS. I never said a blogger couldn’t make their own posts, I only said they may not copy MY cheats.

  3. As everyone said: it IS really unfair to the original owner because that was their idea. And it sometimes accidentally might happen like they don’t even know ( Someone copied once from my blog D:) And it really sucks well, yeah byeeeeeeee

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