The Fantage World. It’s Ending.

As of yesterday, non-premium members in Fantage can no longer use Sapphires, the only existing gem for them you obtain rare items. So be ready to keep your rares, and not sell them to Lucky Bobs.

We have little info on this update (or bug) but here’s what I have so far.

  • Already obtained sapphires will stay in your gem inventory.

If you already earned them, they won’t be gone.

Credit: Huny62807 and Fantage Forum Members



25 thoughts on “The Fantage World. It’s Ending.

  1. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? WHY????? WHY FANTAGE, WHY!!!!!! 😯 😥 👿 grrrrr, fantage!!!! WAAAAAHHHH!! thats totally unfair! D:<

  2. WAT?!? the fantage owners probably just want us to be members!! ITS UNFAIR!!!!UGHH I STARTED FANTAGE AT 2009 AND I MIGHT JUST QUIT!

  3. ¬_¬ Totally unfair, my membership finished in, when was it? Start of this month. Fantage is just wants money. I bet they are going to make the items you get with sapphire gems more extravagant.

  4. They’ve clearly run out of ideas. That’s what lead to the Creation of VC, bringing back old items as rares, and recolouring old items and making them premium. No, we’re not going to start a riot or anything crazy, but a few years back, Fantage was actually caring about the poor filter, lol. o.o

  5. Im a mem but I really think its unfair. Your right they they just want money and usually they would give more things for nons on events. Shame

  6. *scoff!*
    I think we should contact fantage
    1 second later-ehh i dont think they would listen anyways. xP
    i might just stop playing for a while…MAYBE.

  7. NO NO NO IT can’t be and i have a question is fantage ending? and why can;t we use sapphiers any more????it isnt fair why cnat there not be any members and just get what we want!

  8. Then, look at all the changes

    2008: i like it
    2009: i still like it
    2010: i like it a bit
    2011: i like it a bit
    2012: i hate it
    2013: i totally think its unfair
    2014: nons cant probably get rares
    2015: nons cannot buy anything
    2016: nons cannot buy items with ecoins
    2017: people will leave it beacause its unfair

  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooo I have a fantage account called lulu***** password ********* ok!!!!!! And i can’t use sapphires Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  10. I just did a mission in Fantage, and all I got was premium member medal that I couldn’t use. Fantage is being so unfair! 😦
    Even though I know that Premium members should get more benefits, I think this is SO unfair! //cri

    • Also, every limited item is always with gold. I think values of ecoins are getting lower and lower, and stars were already useless 😦
      I think maybe gold will be useless some years later. Maybe something like diamonds are something will come out and a lot of non members will quit Fantage.
      Just my personal thinking, so don’t get offended 🙂

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