K so I’m gonna be gone for a while[the next week or so]so I’m not gonna be able to moderate the chatbox/post/moderate comments/etc. So my workers will pretty much be running the blog for the next week or so. One of my worries is the chatbox… Last time I was away people took advantage of that… I hope that doesn’t happen again. I’m not going to do the camp cheats and really I’m surprised anyone visits this blog still xD I guess Fantage is dying out I don’t really know much that’s going on there. Candy’s taking a break, Ani doesn’t go on Fantage anymore, and I’m going to be gone so this blog will be pretty much empty x3 Ehh you can post whatever you want as long as its ‘kid-proof’ d: I’ve been away for a while now and will be gone yet more:P I haven’t really been posting and stuff; I’ve been busy. No, I’m not quitting. I’m just gonna be gone. So… yeah.


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