Summer Camp Oasis Day 6 Cheats




Well, You basically just click on one of the items on the left side and drag it all the way to the end. You can’t touch the lines or the items. You can touch the tree though.

You get:





OMG Check it out:




8 thoughts on “Summer Camp Oasis Day 6 Cheats

  1. nope srry
    but my bro figured out a rlly good cheat for the maze thing (btw his name is hector500)
    wht u do is when ur at the start u hold the left click button on the glue or wateva then keep holding on then u right click then hold down the left click on the finishing line
    hope it works! 🙂

    • I first posted this on my blog using Windows Live Write then just copied and pasted it on this. I fixed the pictures now. The whole thing isn’t showing though o.e Click to see it properly.

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