RIP, Peace24

It has been one year since a dear friend of mine(ours?) from Dizzywood departed us. She was an amazing person and she deserves to be remembered. Most of you probably didn’t know her… she was in the ‘Dizzywood circle’. She did have a blog and if you were to have visited it, you could tell she was beloved person. She had thousands of views and a ton of comments all from online friends which she gathered in a short amount of time.  She beat my blog in a few months in what it took a year for me to get(‘: Sadly, exactly one year ago she left this world due to cancer. RIP, Peace. “The beat goes on…” “Carpe diem”



4 thoughts on “RIP, Peace24

  1. *explodes*

    ASDFGHJKL I REMEMBER THE WHOLE DIZZYWOOD CIRCLE. And she was my friend aswell as yours ❤ You, kka, cast, and her were like the best dizzywood bloggers hurhur.
    You have been missed, and many people love you. R.I.P ❤

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