IDFone on iPhone

That’s a little strange o.e Fantage really likes making apps. How about a Fantage app? I think they’re gonna make every single thing out there except the whole game xD

Tomorrow new level-locked items will be released.

“You’re gonna get powned by my pawn!” Really, Fantage? -__-‘ it’s poned/pwned. Keep up. Anyways, I don’t think this chess game will be very popular… Chess is naturally confusing. “So you move this one up and down, right? “NOOOO! They only move forward and diagonal to the right.” e_e



4 thoughts on “IDFone on iPhone

  1. LOL, The ‘joke’ is hilarious. x] I love chess (I used to play it all the time when I was in my “younger years”. xD) and can’t wait for the.. is it an event or the release of a new game.. wait doesn’t that make it an event?
    I hope the level-locked items aren’t as dissapointing as last time. >b>

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