IDFone vs. iPhone App

Search “Fantage” in the App Store. [Btw, Fantage, it’s show OFF not of.]

Download Fantage IDFone. [And Bullseye if you haven’t already]

It takes less than a minute to find/download and it’s FREE.

In an open space there will be the app button with Static’s face and IDFONE. Open>Sign in>View.

*For the moment you cannot view stickers*

You can collapse your Stars/eCoins balance. [Like you’re showing your friends and you don’t want them to be jealous xD]

You can view the medals as you would through a laptop/computer/netbook only if you are a non-member with premium medals everytime you click them you won’t get the annoying premium membership pop-up.

That is all :]


And no, you can not view your house, add buddies, or report users as you would in your traditional IDFone.


One thought on “IDFone vs. iPhone App

  1. heyy! um…… u cant this with android why not? I heard itunes and android was the same because well never mind but can you please tell me

    bliss~Because the App Store and the Android Market are not the same thing. Not the same apps are available; the most popular are available in both such as Angry Birds, Twitter, etc.

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