Captain Cody Is Back!

He should just, like, move here or something.

I found him at the Beach 2:00-3:00 eastern time.

Finally. 30min. instead of 2 hours. Fantage, we’ve got better things to do. ._.

Also, new pet-locked items.

Wheeee. And there’s going to be a Fantage Holiday Bash aka Christmas Party. Starting 12/22/11. Unlike Thanksgiving, I don’t plan on abandoning you guys for the party:P I hope there’ll be freebies…

ALSO. For those of you wondering, yes, non-premium-members CAN get friendship bracelets. You can get a premium-member to buy one and if you’re their buddy, they can share one with you and everytime you’re near one another, BAM your friendship bracelets will do some special effect. Or you can buy them with eCoins for however much they cost.




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