Fantage Holiday Bash 2011 Mini Games 1-6

Go Downtown/Uptown and click Michelle.

Mini Game 1: Snowman Builder!

Just click repeatedly at the snowmen until they are finished and walk away. Don’t worry if you can’t find the first circle, just click the mound on the ground.

Reward will be tickets. (# will vary)

Mini Game 2: Ice Jumping!

Just hold down the mouse and aim it so Michelle lands on the ice. Don’t worry if she falls in, she’ll just turn into an ice block, and come back. You’ll get ___ tickets.

Mini Game 3: Snowball fight!

Just click once on the robots when they come up. Reward will be __ tickets.(# varies)

Mini Game 4: Wrapping Presents!

Just drag the presents to their matching box. A cloud will tell you which goes where. Prize will be ___ tickets.

Mini Game 5: Light the Tree!

Almost the same as the one above, only this time you have to match up its shadow. Just drag the decorations into their place on the tree. Prize will be ___ tickets.

Mini Game 6: Present Delivery!

Just click on the houses when you’re above them(or nearly are) to drop the presents. Only on the houses with the lights on.

You’re done with the mini games!

Now you can redeem prizes at the ticket booth in the Carnival!

I have to go back and redo some ’cause I got like only 300 tickets…


Merry Christmas!


Comment any thoughts!

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