I AM BACK.~Holiday Party Recap

Hi guys, it’s Ani/Animalcrossingwi/Whatever you called me. Ehh, I haven’t really been getting on fantage lately(or this blog for that matter). I’ve sorta been going on Fantage Forum and the Witchme Forum, and Witchme itself lately. Now I’m aware you probably don’t care, but whatever. Furthermore, here’s some fantage updates. Also, I’ll probably start blogging on my own blog soon. ^u^

How many stamps have you guys gotten yet? I missed out on a couple of the items you get at Santa’s cabin, which can be found at Mt. Fantage, but other than that I’ve gotten everything possible so far. There are some prizes which you can get, that are found at the Carnival’s PRIZE BOOTH. They cost anywhere from 200 hundred tickets to 1400 tickets. Tickets are obtainable by playing the new cool minigames! My favourite mini-game had to be the first one, where you build snowmen by throwing snowballs at them. My tips are that you aim for the legs and work your way up. Remember, you can defeat him faster when you have your friends with you!
Also, have you checked out the rad items from teh Wizard’s Domain and from Vintage Classics? The Wizards Domain can be found in a very deep part of the forest, as Vintage Classics is found right in the middle of Uptown! But beware, the items cost an arm and a leg to buy, so save your stars or buy eCoins! And lastly, have you donated to the needy childern of the world yet? These are children on either the East Coast of the Unicted States, the West Coast of the United States, or the whole world! When you donate stars, a child will get one gift! :3

Happy Holidays from the blog!

PS: Does anyone have the new link to wawagames? I see that they’ve changed their domain.


6 thoughts on “I AM BACK.~Holiday Party Recap

  1. yeaa…i can see that…i just went on the sites and they are the exact same thing. but wawagames u have to be 14 and fantagearcade u can be whatever age

  2. I’m signed up for the Wawagames newsletter… They emailed me and told me they changed their name to fantagearcade.com… so they’re the same thing. XD

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