Fantage Ice Rink Hunt Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Here are the cheats/tips/hints for the ice rink scavenger hunt from Fantage’s ice rink event 2012.

You’ll get an ice cube accessory and a stamp for your stamp book.




5 thoughts on “Fantage Ice Rink Hunt Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

  1. how bout the boxy scavenger hunt. where’s that in ur VERY helpful website?
    and i’m not being sarcastic honestly even though it may sound sarcastic. this website of urs is propbably the most helpful 1 4 fantage.

    bliss~:D I just put it up(: I couldn’t do it any sooner, but it’s up now.

  2. when i go to the school to try to do the scaveenger hunt hing it dosent do anything. what do i do?

    bliss~The items aren’t inside any shop/building. Right after you click on the place from the map you look around and find the items.

  3. I need your help. I’m a non-member but every time i play staries I get a legendary diamond or ultra rare ruby or whatever. I can’t get the rare sapphire! That’s the only one I need to get the items! I read here that you need 3000 points to get the sapphire but everytime I get 3000 points while playing staries and quit out i don’t get ANY gems!!!! I dont know what I’m doing wrong! Please PLEASE help me!

    bliss~I haven’t updated my pages in forever so they’re probably not accurate anymore. Play up until you get the diamond to light up. If you still don’t get sapphires that means the gems are given out randomly and you’re just not lucky:P Lol sorry but it doesn’t seem like there’s a pattern anymore.

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