Fantage Snowboard Hunt Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Click Stella Downtown/Uptown or at The Beach.

1. Find a board where your pets can learn! >Pet Town.

2. The next snowboard is found near an arcade! >The Carnival.

3. Another snowboard is located where a bazaar is built! >Oasis.

4. Find a snowboard where a boat sails! >The Lighthouse.

5. A snowboard is hidden near a magical mirror! >Hidden Meadow.

6. You can find a snowboard near an airplane! >Oasis>Click the aeroplane.

7. The next snowboard is where reporters go! >Mt. Fantage.

8. This snowboard can be found where you dance! >The Beach.

9. Another snowboard is found near a statue of Fritz! >Pet Town.

10. The final snowboard can a be found where you play Off The Hook! >Fantage School.

You’ll get a Snowboard Shirt and a stamp.


Comment any thoughts!

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