Fantage Snowday Hunt Scavenger Hunt Cheats

From the Fantage On Ice event here are the tips/guide/cheats for the Snowday Hunt.

Click on Stella Downtown/Uptown and at the Beach.

1. Find a snowball near a bullseye! >Wizard’s Domain.

2. There’s a snowball hidden in a desert oasis! >Oasis.

3. Look for a roller coaster to find another snowball! >The Carnival.

4. You can find another snowball where a spot light is! >The Lighthouse.

5. Another snowball is found near an Arena! >Creature Area.

6. Look near the Grotto to find the next snowball! >The Forest.

7. The next snowball can be found where lost and enchanted forests are! >Hidden Meadow.

8. This snowball can be found where you play checkers! >Fantage School.

9. Find a snowball where a helicopter landed. >Mt. Fantage.

10. The final snowball is found where you can buy pets! >Pet Town.

You’ll get a snowball accessory and a stamp.

Now watch the final movie (the ending) and you’ll have done everything(:

You’ll get the Fantage On Ice Medal:

Remember – to get the medal you must have:

-Gone to the Beach.

-Viewed the Limited Items.

-Watched the Intro Movie.

-Done the Boxy scavenger hunt.

-Done the Ice Rink scavenger hunt.

-Done the Extreme Snowboarding scavenger hunt.

-Done the Snow Day scavenger hunt.

-Watched the Ending Movie.



Comment any thoughts!

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